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**Running only once in 2020**

A chance to re-energise, learn, grow and breathe with the support of a kind, like minded community. The Trew Health Taster is a space to learn tools to support your mental, physical and spiritual health after a cancer diagnosis, regardless of what stage you’re at. 

Over the 3 days you’ll hear from experts in integrative cancer care, health and wellbeing.

What you’ll get...Enjoy a mix of practical and educational session with this inspiring line up:

  • Masterclass with Dr Nasha Winters- Treat the terrain not just the tumour  – 23rd June, 8.15pm BST
  • Meditation with Naomi- Naylou Holistics – 24th June, 7pm BST 
  • Breathwork workshop with Nicola Price – Inspirational Breathing- 24th June, (after the meditation with Naomi) 7pm BST
  • Chronobiology & Herbal Medicine, ‘How to’ talk with Dr Sam Watts: Mind-Body Medical, 25th June, 12.30pm BST
  • Why all mushrooms are magic, a talk with Martin Powell, 25th June, 7.30pm BST

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Sophie trew

Who am I?

Hey, I’m Soph

Co-founder of Trew Fields and a big believer in the power of a supportive community for health and to support healing. I have over 5 years experience in the health and wellbeing space, running workshops and events for those living with and beyond cancer throughout this time. I’m a mindset coach, breathworker and meditation teacher supporting people to realise the power of their mind-body connection. 

Since my blood cancer diagnosis in 2014, I’ve connected with many inspiring health experts across the world. These connections came after a time of isolation, overwhelm and confusion as I struggled to find information on how to support myself holistically alongside 6 months of chemotherapy. I wanted to build an integrative recovery plan and focus on getting my health back. While researching I found there was a large gap in holistic support, conflicting information and many taboo topics.  

Trew Fields- the world’s first cancer awareness & holistic health festival, was born out of a vision to create an event that was proactive, uplifting and brought some light to the cancer world. In the 3 years of running the festival we’ve been blessed to welcome over 100 speakers and workshop teachers on the farm. Gathering world-renowned cancer experts, integrative and holistic health teachers, storytellers, those living with and beyond cancer. 

Building a year-round community

After the festival we’ve found many people leave on a high but then have to wait a year to return. Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to cancel the 2020 event, postponing to July 2021. Out of this challenge, I wanted to create a way to bring some of the wisdom and inspiration from the festival to you in the comfort of your home. My vision is to build a year-round health conscious global community. A place where we can grow and thrive together with expert masterclasses, workshops, breathwork, meditation and healing therapies. 

This free taster is the start of that adventuRE

Why join the taster?


"it was clear that this festival was life changing"

“In conversations with others there, it was clear that this festival was life changing for many; wonderful connections, openness, expert knowledge, acceptance, hope and fun. It has played a key role in my own journey to wellness.”

"Like 10 years of Googling in one event"

“Like 10 years of Googling in one event. Trew Fields gave me the information and confidence to empower me to take control back of my life. There are always new things to learn that give hope, inspiration and a better quality of life. This is the place to find it.”

"The feeling of being part of a tribe of people who just get it is uplifting"

“Trew Fields is the most friendly, uplifting, empowering, positive, fun, educational, motivational, inspiring festival I have ever been to. The feeling of being part of a tribe of people who just get it is uplifting.”

Here's a reminder of who you'll get to meet in the three day taster...

Dr Nasha Winters

Dr. Nasha has been on a personal journey with cancer for the last 27 years. Her quest to save her own life has transformed into a mission to support others on a similar journey. She travels the world to explore integrative cancer clinics, vet cancer protocols for research projects, speak at conferences, and meet with colleagues to help them apply metabolic approaches with their patients. 

Naomi, Naylou Holistics

Having lived with anxiety and from a young age, she started her personal meditation practice over 10 years ago which has lead her on an amazing journey of self-discovery and very importantly, self-love. This has empowered her to find her voice to help others as she knows first-hand the benefits holistic therapies can have.

Nicola Price

Nicola Price is the  Founder of Inspirational Breathing.  When she came to breathwork in 2010, she knew she had found her calling. She first trained with Transformational Breath then with Giten Tonkof in his Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System, dedicating her life to learning and experiencing all that she could.

Her background in professional coaching and corporate training was the perfect groundwork for sharing her passion. She’s now building a tribe of talented breathworkers to help others find their freedom through the breath. 

Dr Sam Watts


Martin Powell is a biochemist and practitioner of Chinese medicine with over 20 years experience working with and lecturing on medicinal mushrooms. He is the author of ‘Medicinal Mushrooms- A Clinical Guide’ and ‘Medicinal Mushrooms- The Essential Guide.’ He also works as a consultant to leading clinics developing integrative strategies for cancer and other chronic health conditions as well as supplying mushroom and other natural health products. 

Martin established Mushroom Nutrition to develop the best supplements for his patients, and now supplies practitioners, patients and mushroom enthusiasts in over 30 countries worldwide with products under the MycoNutri and Mushrooms-4-Pets brands.

23rd June- 25th JunE

I’m so looking forward to spending this time with you. 

With love, support and gratitude, 

Soph X

Medical disclaimer

The Trew Health Taster is backed by a team of medical doctors and oncologists. Cancer is a very serious and individual disease. The information provided in this taster is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice nor is it intended to be for medical diagnosis or treatment. Attendees must consult with experts in their appropriate medical field before taking up any form of treatment. 

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