Welcome, doors to join are open. You can become a member of the holistic cancer community by emailing: sophie@trewfields.com

 An online space to learn, grow and live a more connected, inspired life beyond a cancer diagnosis.

The Trew Health Community is a monthly membership where you can learn the tools to support your mental, physical and spiritual health, regardless of what stage you’re at. You’ll be held and supported by a kind, like minded community  focusing on health and healing.


If you want to...

  • Feel empowered to take a proactive role in your health and healing

  • Realise the power of your mind-body connection and develop a supportive mindset

  • Challenge the status quo and increase your self belief

  • Have greater self awareness and self compassion 

  • Live a life of meaning and purpose beyond your diagnosis 

  • Find focus, direction and alignment 

  • Feel energised and learn more about integrative health around cancer



  • You’d benefit from regular uplifting support and information

  • With so much information out there it can be overwhelming

  • Information can be conflicting and you’d like to learn from experts

  • You find being on this path can be isolating and lonely

  • You find fear, stress and anxiety can come in

  • You can feel unmotivated and lack energy

  • You’re struggling to move forward


As a member of the Trew Health Community you’ll be part of a like minded, health conscious tribe. Every month you’ll get to breathe and connect with the community, while meeting experts from around the world and learning about free tools for your health and happiness.

This community is in its early stages and you’ll be part of creating it as we grow. We’ll be learning and adapting what works together. My vision is for this to become a global tribe where we inspire, uplift and empower each other.   

Within the community we’ll be bridging the gap with content on both sides of the health debate, bringing in an integrative approach of science and holistic approaches. 

Sophie trew

Who am I TO LEAD?

I’m Soph and I’ll be heading up the membership.

I’m the co-founder of Trew Fields and a big believer in the power of a supportive community for health and healing. I have over 7 years experience in the health and wellbeing space, running a wide range of workshops and events for those living with and beyond cancer throughout this time. I’m a mindset coach, breathworker, reiki practitioner and meditation guide. I believe in supporting people to realise their own potential and the power of their mind-body connection in health. 

Since my blood cancer diagnosis in 2014, I’ve connected with many inspiring health experts across the world. These connections came after a time of isolation, overwhelm and confusion as I struggled to find information on how to support myself holistically alongside 6 months of chemotherapy. Wanting to think outside the box and focus on getting my health back, I found there was a large gap in holistic support, conflicting information and many taboo topics.

Trew Fields – the world’s first cancer awareness & holistic health festival, was born out of a vision to create an event that was proactive, uplifting and brought some light to the cancer world. In 3 years of running the festival we’ve been blessed to welcome over 100 speakers and workshop teachers on the farm. We’ve gathered world-renowned cancer experts, integrative and holistic health teachers, storytellers, those living with and beyond cancer in a space to share wisdom, collaborate and learn. 

Building a community beyond the farm

After the festival we’ve found many people leave on a high but then have to wait a year to return. Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to cancel the 2020 & 2021 event. Out of this challenge, I wanted to create a way to bring some of the wisdom and inspiration from the festival to you in the comfort of your home. My vision is to build a global, health conscious community that is accessible all year round. A place where we can grow and thrive together with expert masterclasses, workshops, breathwork, meditation and healing therapies. 

Each month I’ll be curating unique content, bringing together engaging teachers from around the world to help you develop your toolkit.

What’s inside? Here’s what you’ll get online each month:

Four Pillars of contents, a combination of learning and practical activities:


When do we reopen?

The membership sign up is now open until October 5th. The next opportunity to join won’t be until 2021.

Upcoming themes:

Upcoming Guest Speakers Include:

Dr Lorenzo Cohen

Dr. Lorenzo Cohen is the Director of the Integrative Medicine program at The MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston). He is  passionate about educating others on how to prevent cancer and maintain optimal health across the lifespan. As the majority of cancers are preventable, Dr. Cohen is conducting research to demonstrate that lifestyle factors can influence cancer outcomes.

Dr. Cohen leads a team conducting NIH-funded research and delivering clinical care of integrative medicine practices such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, massage, diet, exercise, acupuncture and other strategies such as stress management, music therapy, emotional writing and more aimed at reducing the negative aspects of cancer treatment and improving quality of life and clinical outcomes.

Professor Robert Thomas

Professor Robert Thomas

Dr Thomas is a Consultant Oncologist and a clinical teacher. He is author of the book “Lifestyle after Cancer”, Chair of the Exercise Expert Advisory committee for Macmillan Cancer Support and Editor of the lifestyle and cancer website Cancernet.co.uk. He designed the UK’s first government approved course for a qualification in cancer exercise rehabilitation.

He directs an active research unit, which has designed several UK studies, published 75 scientific papers and presented over 100 abstracts at international conferences. He is a media spokesman for Macmillan Cancer Relief and gives live interviews for the national media.

David Hamilton PhD

David Hamilton PHD

Dr Aryan Tavakkoli

Dr Aryan Tavakkoli is a specialist in respiratory medicine and is also a Functional Medicine doctor.

During her career as a conventional medical doctor, Dr Tavakkoli developed an interest in other approaches to healthcare. She studied and obtained qualifications in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and in Phytotherapy (Western herbal medicine). Her continued interest in the different paths of disease management led her to discover other approaches including Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine and mind-body techniques, which she now incorporates into her clinical practice for the benefit of her patients.

Dr Tavakkoli offers a progressive approach to chronic disease, combining her extensive experience in conventional medicine with the benefits of Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine, to provide what she considers to be a more effective approach that enables her to address the root causes of disease and to offer a more holistic experience for her patients.

Her aim is to approach the problem at root level and therefore enable her patients to achieve long term wellness and a better quality of life than would be achieved by using an allopathic medical approach alone.

Dr Wafaa Abdel-Hadi

Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi is The First Certified Functional Medicine Doctor in Egypt and The Middle East. She has dreamed all her life of becoming a doctor and helping people heal from their diseases. In April 2014,  After 13 years of practicing clinical Oncology she decided to establish AWARE clinic for Cancer Awareness, Prevention & Genetic Counselling, introducing “The Anti-Cancer Life Style Concept” to the community; why wait to get cancer when we can prevent it.

Pursuing her new Career and Passion in Functional Medicine, which in simple words means “Finding the root cause of the disease in order to reverse or improve it”. AWARE clinic encourages Life Style modifications through offering individualized Protocols for each patient, there is no one magic pill fits all. Patients continue with their primary care physician alongside the Functional Medicine approach. We work together to improve your health in order to switch their body’s ability to repair itself.

Dr. Wafaa is an International Speaker/Educator. In addition to her part time clinical work through which she can interact with her patients and working on changing their mindset, Research work is one of her passions and it is of utmost importance to bring the most up-to-date solutions to her patients.

Dr Nasha Winters

Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO has been on a personal journey with cancer for the last 27 years. Her quest to save her own life has transformed into a mission to support others on a similar journey. Dr. Nasha travels the world to explore integrative cancer clinics, vet cancer protocols for research projects, speak at conferences, and meet with colleagues to help them apply metabolic approaches with their patients. 

She started naturopathic medical school five years after receiving her terminal diagnosis of cancer. It offered her a safe haven to explore the basic sciences, nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, intravenous protocols, laboratory assessments, mind-body healing, and homeopathy. Because of her own health issues, she applied everything she was learning to herself before trying it with patients.

It was the decades of experience with her patients that led to the writing of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

Over the last few years, she has travelled the world to share the message of the metabolic approach to cancer. She has spoken with audiences of incredible physicians, who have committed their careers to supporting patients with cancer. 

Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel

October's Masterclass:
Anti Cancer Living with Dr Lorenzo Cohen- Director of Integrative Medicine at MD Anderson & Alison Jefferies

Why become a member?

-No other integrative cancer health membership of this kind exists. 

-Learn new skills to feel empowered, inspired and motivated around your health. Take time out for you to rest and refocus with the relaxation session.

-This is a unique opportunity to be part of this proactive community. Places are limited so we can maximise the benefits of a focused group. 

-The community will be shaped by all of us, I’ll ask your feedback on the content and themes.  

Medical Endorsement

The THC is backed by a team of oncologists and functional doctors. Including: Professor Robert Thomas, Dr Catherine Zollman, Dr Aryan Tavvakoli, Team Nutritank, Dr Sam Watts, Dr Lauren Macdonald and Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel. 


"To say the community is amazing seems understated!"

“To say the Trew Health Community is amazing seems a little understated! I can honestly say that I feel blessed to be a part of it. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to experts in their field and incorporate practices into my daily life. With these monthly sessions I now feel more grounded and balanced, I am focusing on my self-love. I have most definitely found my tribe!”- Laura, THC Founding Member

"It is the best thing I've done for my health"

“Since joining this group I have felt freer, lighter, more in control of my disease from a mental perspective and happier than ever. The content in the community is second to none. Every time I learn something new to add to my toolkit. One of my favourite monthly treats is the breathwork session that Sophie runs. It is the best thing I’ve done for my health.”- Lin, THC Founding Member

"The feeling of being part of a tribe of people who just get it is uplifting"

“Trew Fields is the most friendly, uplifting, empowering, positive, fun, educational, motivational, inspiring festival I have ever been to. The feeling of being part of a tribe of people who just get it is uplifting.”

"Working with Sophie has been truly an unexpected life changing, wonderful experience"

“Working with Sophie has been truly an unexpected life changing, wonderful experience. I’ve shed emotional baggage which has had the most profound impact on my life. I’ve rekindled my passion, creativity and joy for life, just the most awesome peaceful place to be.”

"Sophie Trew is skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to serving others"

“Sophie Trew is skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to serving others. She will attend to your mind, body and spirit. I suspect she will save some lives.”

Sophie Sabbage, The Cancer Whisperer

"Breathwork has been transformational for me"

“Breathwork with Sophie has been transformational for me. I felt a sense of euphoria I’ve not experienced before. My body felt lighter, I had more clarity. Breathwork sessions are absolutely the best thing I’ve done for myself so far in my cancer journey. The breathes have taught me so much about myself, I truly believe this work is instrumental in my healing.”

Price to become a member

Become a member for just £21.99 a month for a minimum of 3 months initially 

OR £219.90 for 12 months. Save £43.98

International payments accepted


Also available – additional 121 support and 121 online breathwork


The membership is for you if you’ve had a cancer diagnosis and you want to be empowered and inspired to take an active role in your health. There will be general content for all stages e.g. breathwork and the health workshops, then there will be content specific to where you’re at e.g. living with cancer for years, beyond your treatment or newly diagnosed. You’ll also have the option of having a support buddy in the group who’s at a similar stage to you. 

Health Professionals: We have health professionals in the community who want to learn about integrative health from the speakers and the sessions. You are so welcome to join us. 

There will be content and expert talks to support all stages. There will always be something to learn. 

Each week there will be one pillar of content. I’m aware it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, so we’ll bitesize our learning while focusing on progress. Timings: -Monthly Masterclass- An hour 15 mins. -Monthly Breathwork Class- An hour 15 mins. -Monthly Health Workshop- An hour. -Monthly meditations 30 minutes.

Yes, all content will be recorded so members can watch the sessions back in their own time. 

The pricepoint has been kept as low as possible in exchange for the value I can offer in this group. As a member you’ll be helping us to sustain the future of Trew Fields and the work we can continue to do after the large deposits we have lost in cancelling the festival this year. As an small, independent festival, with no external funding, it’s been challenging, so we’re getting creative in supporting our future. 

With that said, a core value of mine is for health to be accessible to all. If you would benefit from extra support at this time, please get in touch- sophie@trewfields.com. I aim to make sure no one is turned away for financial reasons. 

Medical Disclaimer

The Trew Health Community is backed by a team of medical doctors and oncologists. Cancer is a very serious and individual disease. The information provided in this community is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice nor is it intended to be for medical diagnosis or treatment. Attendees must consult with experts in their appropriate medical field before taking up any form of treatment.

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