Trew Fields is a groundbreaking cancer awareness & holistic health event on July 5th-7th 2019.

A weekend of talks, workshops, music and play which brings together world-renowned health professionals, researchers, wellbeing experts and those living well with & beyond cancer. All set on a beautiful farm in the countryside.

Our aim is to create a more progressive & hope-filled, fun-packed event around disease, prevention & integrative medicine. It’s all about health and wellbeing – with a special zone for cancer awareness. Trew Fields helps to re-frame the aggressive mainstream narrative surrounding illness into one of proactivity. We host debates and talks on prevention focusing on our health endemic of lifestyle disease.

The weekend is curated to engage, empower and uplift people. Sharing knowledge & connection. We aim to inspire greater health, hosting educational conversations, open debates & first-hand experiences.

Trew Fields is a festival for positive social & environmental change. A gathering for the whole family, it’s welcoming and inclusive for all ages, circumstances and experiences. Whether you’re curiously dipping your toes in the holistic health world or are a seasoned explorer, we’ll welcome you with open arms & open hearts.

See you in the field?

“Trew Fields was such an important and joyful event in my life and healing process. It brought so much emotional relief, and I learnt so much.  In the days before coming I felt very tired and weak after radiotherapy.  I travelled from the Netherlands to attend.
After the festival I was full of hope and energy, I felt I was healing. Since then, I’ve been better and on the last scan everything was stable. It was the first positive scan since I found out I had stage 4 cancer. The festival really was the turning point. I feel very grateful to you.”

“As a former cancer patient Trew Fields was a heaven on earth. It broke new ground in raising awareness for the integrated side of cancer. The day was filled with amazing vegan food, motivational speakers, music, circus performers, yoga, meditation & fun.”

“An inspiring, empowering festival – all about learning, education, healing and sharing happy memories with those you love.”

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